Keep track of all your engineering, construction and management tasks.

Lytbulb simplifies the process and gets your team on the same page.

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No more excel spreadsheets, endless email threads or complicated software.

It's simple.

Manage all your projects

See who’s doing what

Customize tags

What’s due when

Your workflow without the clutter

Visibility on each stage of the workflow lets your team easily see any bottlenecks or changes and take action. Reduce cost and time impacts to your project.

Cross-discipline teams—Simple tagging by discipline type keeps everyone on the same page. Reduce rework when the work of one discipline impacts another.

Working on multiple projects? Add as many projects as you need. In a single click you can filter to all projects or an individual project. This gives you an overview of the bigger picture.


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How It Works

Go with the workflow


Get started with simple, customizable workflows.


Import your own data or create a new board.


Add tasks, set a start date and deadline, assign it to a team member.


Get progress reports on all your activities.

30%+ efficiency gains,
20%+ cost savings,
100%+ better breakfasts.

Stay on top of your workflow

Real time. Faster, better, together.

Increase Efficiency

Save time and money on every project by streamlining your workflow.

Improve Collaboration

Bring your entire team together in one place for every stage of the project.

Maximize Budget

Never miss a deadline or go over budget on a project again.


What You Need To Know

Delegate tasks to members

Each task can be delegated to a specific team member. You can finally keep track of “who’s doing what”.

All documentation in one place

That includes all business documents, drawings, any size files, you can attach anything to a task. This will eliminate wild goose chases that suck productivity, stall the work, and cause team member confusion that leads to mistakes.

Automated notifications on updates

Even if you’re away from your desk, you can still get updated on what’s happening with email notifications that keep you aware of changes.

Tag each task by discipline type

Each discipline no longer has to work in silos. With tags, you can still categorize your work and keep track of what each discipline or department is working on. But now you can work together in one place.

Built-in chat

Built-in chat is integrated in your task. All of the activities are captured in one single place so you no longer need to send long emails back and forth.

About us

Built for engineers, by engineers.

Our roots are in projects in energy, water, and infrastructure. Working across projects that involved multiple disciplines in geographically distributed teams was a challenge. So we teamed up with talented software developers to create Lytbulb. Today our software is used by teams in multiple industries tackling big things like energy, international development, and teams with big ideas.